Kandinsky Sunday - An Intruder

During the last few days I have been going out during the day. I need to make sure no one believes the mortal when she says that I don't go out during the day because I am afraid of the birds. Me, afraid of the birds? Ha! I have birds for lunch!

But the other day a very disturbing event happened in my kingdom. As I usually do, I stood in front of the door for 10 minutes meowing so the mortal would open the door. Finally the mortal stood up and opened the door. Then one minute later I decided that it was a good time to stand outside the door and meow to go in. I did that routine a few times until Aynex decided to just leave the door open so I could come and go as I pleased.

So I went out one more time. It was a very nice day.

The sun was shinning, my lunch was singing, flowers were blooming. I ate some grass that later I would throw up. I laid on the sun. Teased some dogs. I started to get sleepy so I decided to go back in and take a cat nap on my pillow. But the unspeakable happened when I entered my house. Another cat was inside! A black intruder had penetrated my kingdom and had the audacity of hissing at me as I entered MY house. I wasn't going to take this calmly. I made my fur stand up so I look like I was twice as big and screamed as loudly as I could "Get the $%^& out of MY house!!!" That was all I needed to get the point across. The coward ran out the door like his tail was on fire.

Aynex was a little worried but grateful that I could take care of my kingdom.

1 comment:

Patience-please said...

Oh right, C-A-T. We'll come on in your door and let's see you defend your stinkdom then!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha!!

Can you spell kitty for dinner?

Aynex, we love you, it's just your stoopid C-A-T, no offense.

wags from the whippets