Road Trip!!!!

I was originally taking the bus to Lexington which was going to be a 12 hour trip. Woo Hoo!! Ike and Charlotte said there was no way they were going to let me take the bus for twelve hours with all those shady characters. So all four of us, Ike, Charlotte, Eric (Charlotte's son) and I got in the van this morning and left for Lexington. Driving thru Kentucky with Ike was like having an audio tour of the state. He knew everything about every town we passed. Here's a little sampling:

We stopped at a gas station for a potty break and I saw this sign on a baby changing table which I thought was funny.

Notice how his one hair sticking up didn't move when he baby falls on his head.

We arrived in Lexington right when the football game was over so we where stuck in traffic for a while, then we had lunch and they drop me off in my hotel. By the way, can someone explain this sign I have in my room?

Is announcing that this is a smoke free room and it asks "Can you sigh backward?" Am I being too Puertorrican or does this doesn't make sense?


Jennifer ASH said...

Maybe since you sigh outwardly...when you do it backwards you are breathing in and it should be clean air since it is now smoke free? That would be my guess...but I don't get it either and I am not Puertorrican. :)

anessa said...

Um. Yeah. That makes no sense.
Btw, I too my blog down for a little while due to some strange visitors. It's not gone forever, tho.