My 30th Birthday

Today was my 30th birthday. It was a fun day. It wasn't as grand a celebration as last year but I don't think I'll ever have such a grand celebration as last year, not even if I have a wedding. There was even press coverage.

But I had a good day anyway. I wanted to start the day on a good note so I had breakfast with friends at The Stranded Cow Cafe and scored some cool gifts.

I got necklaces by Grace and Karen, earrings by Julie and a quilt by Charlotte. Everything was handmade. Isn't it cool to have friends that make stuff? Then at night, I had dinner with my BFF at Max's where we had the same exact dinner. We always end up having the same thing to eat without planning to. I'm sure she doesn't want all of you to know that. We are made to be BFF's even Crystal who read out Tarot cards later that evening at Etcetera said so.

After having our tarot reading we had cake that John Cusack, I mean, Chris made for me.

It was a HUGE DENSE CHOCOLATE CAKE and it was so good! It was so rich and dense that I couldn't finish it. I don't think I have ever left chocolate cake on my plate before.

I'm going to have dreams tonight of that cake. It's a good thing that I have leftovers in the fridge.

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madre-terra said...

What a great day you had.
Glad you had a good one!!