Letter-A-Day: I

Yesterday I decided that my website needs a makeover. Who knows when I'll actually do it but I thought that for the letter "I" I would make some new icons for the website. Here they are:

Obviously, I'm changing the color scheme of the whole website. These may change but this is what I did yesterday. I think they came out pretty well for being the first icons I ever make and that I'm really not a graphic designer, I just play one on the web.. They are going to be for my etsy shop, my art quilts, my graphic design portfolio, my web design portfolio, my blog, my videos and the last one I'm not sure yet, the idea of making altered clothing has bounced around a few times so I made an icon for it. I should make one for my contact information.

1 comment:

Patience-please said...

Amazing. I know I SEEM easily impressed, but I am NOT easily impressed. You are just impressive.