Kandinsky Sunday - Blogs that make me go meow...

Last week some mentally-handicapped dogs in my neighborhood gave my blog an award. They think we are at war. We are not. They were the ones that started calling me "a stupid cat". Me, stupid? Ha! Did you read their conversation? One is obsessed with food, one gives hugs to the mortals, one has more than a few screws loose, one is a sex-maniac and another just says "Whatever!" Those crazy dogs... Do they think I'm going to lower myself to their level? I'm too sophisticated for that! But since they were dumb enough to give me an award, I will follow the rules just to enlighten my audience into what I have been reading.

First of we will start with the website Stuff on My Cat where mortals put things on their cats and post them on the Internet. Then there is a similar site called Cats in Sinks where people send in pictures of their cats in sinks. I can only imagine the revenge plots that are cooking in these cats' brains. There most be a new website coming up call HowISlowlyandPainfullyKilledYou.com with live video feeds.

Then there is the site I Can Has Cheezburger where mortals put pictures of their cats with captions of what they think the cats are saying. This site makes me laugh because I know the cat probably talks better than the stupid mortal that wastes time fixing a picture of the cat and adds misspelled captions. Me laufs at u!

Then there is the dancing YouTube sensation of the "Cat, I'm kitty cat" video. I am practicing his fierce dance moves at the moment and I have the song permanently engraved in my kitty brain. There may be a Kandinsky dancing video in the works.

Then there is Kitty Cat Central. I thought I was the only blogging cat but it turns out there is thousands of other blogging cats just like me. I'm the best, of course, but Kitty Cat Central lists all the cat blogs and features the best post so I don't have to take much time of my napping schedule to stay up to date with the cat community. We Rock! Hum hum... sorry, I got a little excited. Here are some cat pictures I found in the blosphere.

This is Sobakowa and is it amazing how we have the same personalities.

I don't know where I found this picture but it definitely makes me go MEOW.

And finally there is Guideines for Cats at the James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door website. I have read and re-read these guidelines and I am following them very carefully. With Operation Kandinsky Freedom in full swing, I want to be prepared. Although, I have to say, I think that OKF is going to have to wait for closure until the spring because every time the mortal opens the outside door, a really cold wind comes in. I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon.


William F. Renzulli said...

And I thought dog people were nuts!

Patience-please said...

EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW!! C-A-T porn! YUCK. Spitttooooeeeyyyy. puke gack gorp. A C-A-T threesome: we call that lunch! A C-A-T sandwich. Kitty on rye...
the warring whippets

Anonymous said...

You do know what's happening in that last picture don't you? I don't think Flat Stanley should see that at his tender young age.
the flat travelers' police