Online dating tips for girls from a girl

I have been doing "the online dating thing" for a month. I think I'm the authority in online dating now. Here are some tips for you girls in the online dating scene.

1. Research your competition. Do a search as a man looking for a girl in your age group. I think you'll feel better.

2. Keep them straight. An Excel spreadsheet comes in handy when there are too many of them to only one of you.

3. Don't lie about stuff. They'll find out sooner or later.

4. If he is from the UK and doesn't have a green card, just say NO! Thanks Nikki for the tip.

5. Is it better to chat a lot before meeting or meet after exchanging a few emails? If you chat a lot you may have a picture in your head of him that is not the reality and if you don't, the date can be a little awkward because you don't know the person at all.

6. Guy Talk Translations:

He says "Nice photo. Can you add more?"
Translation: Can I see your boobs.

He says: "I like to try different things."
Translation: He hasn't figured out what to do with his life. Oh wait... I say that in my profile.

He says: "I am looking for someone who takes care of herself."
Transltion: "I want a girl with a great body and I want to see your boobs."

11-19-07 Bonus tip:
7. Never give your phone number to a guy that you are not interested in and if he sounds drunk and talks about his ex for 20 minutes, step away from the phone!


rosemary Claus-Gray said...

Hi Aynex, I am enjoying your posts very much. You are one funny gal! Your view of the world is quirky in a great way, and these posts could make a fun magazine article.
I missed you at the last meeting. Plus, I just got my copy of Portfolio 14. Your pieces look really fine in there. You are quite a gal. Be selective, and don't show your boobs to just anyone. :-) Rosemary

Patience-please said...

These should be an article on iList!! I'll tell Mary.
These are GREAT!

Nikki D. May said...

I'm happy to have my entire experience of marriage to two different men boiled down to a one-line tip on your blog!