Horoscopes and Machinery

I know at some point during last month my horoscope said "Stay away from any machinery during the next month" but since I don't read the horoscope, I didn't get the message. About two weeks ago, my hard drive crashed. I lost all my documents and the CDs I had as back up don't seem to work either. Then Sunday I was at work and all of a sudden I felt very cold. Where I work is a 10' x 10' historic gas station were the windows are original and I can see the gaps between the window and the wall so I expected it to be cold but not that cold. I played around with the heater but it doesn't seem to be working even after setting the temperature to 80 degrees. Also, my sewing machine decided to stop working right. It's skipping stitches and I don't know why. It will go to the repair shop soon. Meanwhile, I'll sew at my friend Caryl's that has a gazillion sewing machines. I should start reading my horoscope. Let's see what it says today...
Try to fit more physical activity into this day. Getting active will make you happy.
Horoscope people don't know what they are talking about!


Patience-please said...

I hope that heater gets fixed and fast. Cold is bad.
I agree on the horoscope people, you should read some fortue cookies! Now THEY know what they're talking about.

Mystery Man said...

Confucius say Patience correct! Americans need buy more fortune cookies!