The holidays start in Lowertown

Yeah, that's right. It is not even Thanksgiving and we are already celebrating Christmas. Lately my posts have been all about hearing me talk so I'll make this one easier to read by putiing a lot of pictures. A few days ago the old Texaco Station was decorated for the holidays by Mainstreet.
And the Lowertown group put up a tree.

Friday night was the official lighting of the tree. Mayor Bill Paxton flipped the switch. I didn't get any good pictures but I think they are pretty cool.

Then two days later I go to work at the Texaco Station and I find a note stuck to the door that says “Your tree was looking kind of bare! You're welcome! From Santa Claus and his little helpers!” Signed Chuck, Vega, Biene, Manga, Tisolde and Gertrude VonSchnuzlehersen." Then I look at the tree and it looks like this

Some kids came late at night and decorated the tree and even left us presents. That's got to be the nicest thing ever! I have no idea who did this but thank you so much. This puts you right in the holiday spirit even if it is not Thanksgiving yet.

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