Dinsky Saturdays

Here's Dinsky on top of my washer/dryer. This is a good opportunity to tell you about the washer I bought this summer. In the picture looks huge but it is not. Is from LG and it is an apartment size washer and dryer in one. There is no special plumbing or vents required. The washer hooks up to the sink and it drains in the sink. It does take a long time to do the whole cycle, about 3 hours. It is small so I can only do small loads and takes up a lot of room in my small bathroom. But even with all these drawbacks it is ten times better that going to the laundromat!

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Nikki D. May said...

You know you're bored when you post on your blog about your washing machine! And you know you're pathetic when you have nothing better to do than comment on your friend's post about her washing machine!