Dinsky Saturdays

Presenting Audrey.

Among all the cat toys I bought The Dinsk, was Audrey. I called her Audrey because there is a dog in town that is named Audrey that I hate and it feels good to tell Dinsky "Attack Audrey! Kill Audrey!" and that way he will be trained to attack the real Audrey when the time comes.

Audrey is one of the few toys he actually play with on his own and he looks really cute biting. kicking, and scratching Audrey.

On the toilet front, things are not going too well. Now he is down to one last ring that is about 1" wide. He cannot support all his weight on the ring but somehow he doesn't get that he can support his weight on the toilet seat. I removed the second to last ring yesterday and I think he didn't pee the whole day. He jumps on the toilet and meows trying to figure out a way to pee but he can't. I'm just waiting for him to fall in the toilet or pee on the floor.

I have my camera in the bathroom trying to take a picture of him peeing but whenever he sees me with the camera, he runs away. He must know that I am going to publish his peeing picture to the world. I understand I wouldn't want a picture of me peeing on this blog either.

The hole of the tray is so big now that if I wanted to I could use the toilet myself without taking off the tray but I don't do that. I don't want him to see me peeing on his litter. Then he'll start to wonder who really rules the house with him peeing on the toilet and me peeing on his litter. And then he'll take my picture.

I don't think I have ever written the word "peeing" so many times in my life.


Mary Thorsby said...

Can you show us a picture of the real Audrey so we can compare to the stuffed one? xoxoxomt

Aynex Mercado said...

I don't dare get near Audrey.

Nikki D. May said...

oh come on... how can you not love this dog?