Dinsky Saturdays

The start of a new month means the start of Dinsky's toilet training. I'm giving this a try and see how it goes. I bought a kit from CityKitty and it says it takes about two months to toilet train your cat. The idea is that there is a tray in the toilet with the same litter he uses so (hopefully) he will go to the toilet when he can't find the litter box. Then every week you remove one ring from the tray making it have a hole in the middle that gets bigger every time with less litter until eventually your cat gets used to using the toilet regularly. Today I put him on the tray and he started scatching the litter and got litter all over the floor and didn't pee. I hope I can do this. I'll let you know as the case unfolds.

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Mary Thorsby said...

Ah, yes, but will he remember to flush?