Travel Chronicles: Day Four

Ok, so I thought I was going to post more often but I'm on vacation, give me a break. The day started by getting a haircut.

Don't look in the picture I have a huge gray hair coming out right on the top of my head. I think the hair cut came out pretty good but it kind of reminds me of the Sleddhead of William Sledd’s fame. I swear I didn’t plan on it. It just happened.

After some hanging out in the house we went to the Catoctin Falls State Park. We had a picnic and took some cute photos.

After that, we started our hike to see the falls. It is not a very long hike but at my speed and wearing sandals it seemed long. Especially because on the way there we got stuck in a huge rainstorm and got soaking wet. So much for my brand-new-out-of-the-hair-salon-blow-dried hair style. After so much work, I was hoping the falls at least would be good. Well, they were not. I wouldn’t even call them falls. I brought my camera and was going to take a picture but the were not even worth a picture and it was pouring rain. I think I should mention that almost everyone was wearing a white t-shirt, including myself. Good thing I remembered to wear a bra.

Cisco, my brother-in-law, hates being in wet clothes, so he wasn’t in a good mood. Kiara, my six year old niece, was afraid and crying “I wanna go home!” We couldn’t do anything but laugh hysterically at our bad luck. It hasn’t rained since I have been here and when we decide to have an outdoors adventure, it pours! My niece was uncontrollable and Tania, my sister, to calm her down said “But what’s wrong? We are having fun!” and she cried “I’m not!”

After a wet drive home, a shower and a cup of coffee, everyone was ready for the Wii Olympics.

It was a match between USA and Puerto Rico. In the USA team were Cisco, Kiara and Tarina, my twelve year old niece. In the Puerto Rico team was my Mom, Tania and me. We had the opening ceremonies where each team sang their national anthem and it finished by Kiara running to light the Olympic torch. We even had a mascot.

Then it was game time! We played golf, tennis, baseball, boxing and bowling, which by the way, I am pretty good at.

It all came down to the last play of the day. USA and Puerto Rico were tied 4-4. At the end, USA won. Oh well... we had fun. It was a productive day now it is time for night night.


rosemary said...

Hi Aynex, These photos are fun. Thanks for sharing your family and vacation highs and lows. I love your haircut. It's very sophisticated.

GPS said...

Very cute hair cut!
Bring some of that rain back here to Paducah when you come home.
xxxooo, Deb