What's up Doc?

I'm so mad right now! I have had a lot of problems finding a doctor in Paducah. I have Medicaid as my health insurance and no doctors want to take new Medicaid patients. So there's only two doctors that I know of that are taking new Medicaid patients and of course they are horrible. I'm sure they take as many patients as they can so they can just get their money and they don't care about the patient. When you go there they want to get you in and out as quick as possible and they don't listen to anything you say. Today I went to the doctor for a regular check up. DR. BUURMAN, if you wanted to know. I called at the beginning of the week to make an appointment. They gave me an appointment for 11:50 today. So I get there at 11:40 and they tell me that I missed my appointment because it was at 10:50 and because I missed my appointment there was a $25 charge!!! What the $%^#$? I will have to pay that the next time I have an appointment there. Well, I guess I'm not going back to see him. I'll have to go to the only other doctor taking Medicaid. Wish me luck.

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