A Duckie Dilema

Lately a pack of ducks have invaded Lowertown. Not the ducks you would think of but Rubber Ducks! A lot of neighbors are mysteriously finding rubber ducks on their porches, ponds, flower pots... and they are all dressed up in a way that relates to the recipient. Mine is a princess, of course. I found her sitting on a chair in my front porch. Every body is trying to find out who The Rubber Duckie Phantom is. They have even gone as far as getting Sgt. JP Roberts involved to investigate the fowl play.

Everyone has a suspect. I present you mine. Someone suggested that Mary Torsby was the guilty one. I think that is a good suspicion because she's is having too much fun with this and even offered a reward of a free duck dinner to anyone who would say who the mysterious person is.

But I don't think it is so obvious. This bandit is sneaky and keeps herself in the sidelines "bizzy" with this duck business. Suzanne, I think you are The Rubber Duckie Phantom. You wanted to remind everyone who is the boss around here (could it be SATAN!). You remembered that last year the S-man was called Rubber Duckie thru the walkie talkie waves. You wanted something to spark up the blogging in Lowertown. You have been unemployed and who better than the unemployed to think of such a complex scheme like this:

  1. Get hundreds of rubber duckies with the attire that match their future owners
  2. Go around the neighborhood in the dark and deliver the ducks
  3. Sit back and watch as the whole neighborhood goes nuts trying to find out who did it

You better fess up soon or you are going to turn the whole neighborhood insane (well, it may be to late for that). Tomorrow there is going to be a Duckie group photo and that would be the perfect time to come clean. By the way, I think it is a great idea to dress up to match our duckies. I'll have to go thru my tiara collection. There is another reason why I suspect Suzanne. She loves any reason to wear a tiara.

There is going to be a Duckie video. Someone has to document this.

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Mary Thorsby said...

Yay, Aynex! I've been WAITING for you to weigh in on all this and can't wait for the video! And to whoever suspects me as the culprit -- thank you for the compliment! I'm sorry to say that I'm just not that clever a gal.