Am I the cat killer?

There is a house two blocks from my house that they started remodeling and there were 25 cats living in it. Now all these cats are running around the neighborhood. During the House Tour there was a cat, let's call him Cat #1, that really wanted to come in and tour my house but he hadn't paid the ticket, so I didn't let him in. The door kept opening and closing all night and I kept fighting with the cat to keep him out. He was very insistent!

The next morning I'm having breakfast on my porch and Cat #1 comes over acting all cute rubbing himself against my legs and purring. So I gave in and gave him some milk. The milk I drink is organic low-fat milk. Cat #1 drank the milk and left. I never saw Cat #1 again.

Later that week Cat #2 comes over and sits in my window looking in and meowing. I talked to him because I didn't wanted to be rude. Then he would come over every day and do the same. One day I was coming home and Cat #2 was waiting for me at my door. I got my keys out to open my door and he stood right in front of the door, ready to jump in as soon as I opened the door. I told him: "Kitty, I'm sorry but you can't come in" with my sweet voice and the cat just stood there waiting to get in. I kept begging him to move and he wouldn't so finally I gave him a gentle tap with my cane and he ran away. I didn't know that I was going to have to go thru the same routine during the next few days. One morning Cat #2 is meowing at my door and looking extra cute so I gave in again and gave him some milk. Cat #2 drank the milk and left. I never saw Cat #2 again.

Am I killing the cats with my low-fat milk or they just don't like it and never come back? If someone knows the answer, let me know.


Brandon said...

hi my name is brandon i like ur blog nice job

rosemary Claus-Gray said...

Fun blog, Aynex. You are talented as a writer, of comedy. Let's talk when I'm there on Monday. Looking forward to seeing you. Rosemary

Aynex Mercado said...

Yesterday I saw Cat #2 alive and well. So the answer is cats just don't like low-fat milk.