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I know I haven't been updating the blog lately. I've been doing other things. Nothing too productive, I'm afraid, mostly hanging out. Every morning I go to Etcetera Coffeeshop and have my morning coffee and visit with people. Then I go home do some web designing, some quilting, watch TV, take a nap, apply for jobs, and have dinner at someone's house or invite someone over for dinner. That is my life at the moment. But it is going to change soon. I signed up to take a class online that should keep me busy, I have three job leads that may lead to something and I am going to be taking a Pilates class in February at Studio e.

On Thursday I had a pretty scary moment. I was attacked by a neighbor's dog that is a German Shepard. It wasn't very serious and I'm fine now but at the time it was scary. The neighbor feels really bad but it wasn't her fault, things happen. I have some bruises and a few scratches but nothing serious. I was attacked by a dog when I was little and I have never liked dogs since then. Not that many people can say they have been attacked by dogs twice in their life. Hopefully this will be the last time. Now I have pepper spray in my purse!

On Friday I had a little get together in my apartment. Well, not so little. Maybe there wasn't that many people but my apartment is so small that it felt like a lot of people. It was fun. I got to do it again. I ended up with more wine than I started!

Here are some pics of my new crib.
This is my living room. Everyone loves my couch until they get up and there is a perfect imprint of their behind. Those two quilts that are next to the door is my latest work. They are not very photogenic but I like them very much. I'll post pictures in a latter post. That door goes to the bathroom and down the hall is the kitchen.
This is another view of my living room. Those two doors are closets. In this picture you can see all my fabric and thread. For a professional quilter that is a pretty pathetic fabric stash but I don't like collecting fabric that I will never use.

This is my bedroom. The quilt on my bed is the one you can see in the first page of my website.

This is another view of the bedroom. Here is my computer and TV and my sewing machine is to the right of the computer. This is where I spend most of the day.

This is the bathroom. Is a very long and narrow room. It was the first room I decorated and my friend Lourdes helped me paint it during her Aynex's slave holiday.
This is my first painting. It looks like a five-year old painted it. I am a little embarrassed to show it here in a neighborhood of artists but at least is original art and not some poster I bought at Walmart.
This is the other wall of the bathroom. The mirror is by my neighbor, Dolores Jenkins.

This is one side of my yellow kitchen. Painting by Bill Renzulli.

This is the other side.
This is my deck. I haven't been able to use it because it has been too cold.

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Mike said...

I sure am sorry that happened to you! If you could have met my Rotty Sam, you would have liked him anyway. He was a sweet dog; big, but sweet. He would have protected you from the German Shepherd.