Yeiser Art Opening

Thursday was the opening of an art exhibit at the Yeiser Art Center in downtown Paducah of LowerTown artists. It was a very nice exhibit and there were 400 people at the opening. They had a huge map of the US and they had the names of the towns were the artist came from with a picture of the artist and a line to Paducah. If I get a hold of a picture, I'll post it here. But here are other pictures.

This is Mark Palmer, my gym partner. Sorry girls, he's gay. He is from Washington, DC and owns the Mark Palmer Gallery. It is one of the nicest galleries in LowerTown and has the coolest steel floor.

These are Joel and Marta Utsler and Nancy Calcutt. Nancy is my substitute Mom. She is from Massachussetts and owns the Dancing Dog Fine Art Gallery and she does not teach dogs to dance.

The one in the left of the photo is Louis Lovera, an architect from Mexico that was living in Berkley, CA before coming here. Next to him is Kama. She and her husband, Mike, are starting a corner market and deli two blocks away from my house. I called them our saviors because the supermarkets here are pretty bad. Behing her head you can see a little of my quilt. Next to her is Paul Lorenz, abstract painter and the partner of Louis. Owns Studio Mars. The baldie is Mike.

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